Styleology salon treatment can help repair distressed hair. Your Stylist can customize a treatment for you that can improve your hair in several ways… increase the strength of your hair, repair chemical or mechanical damage (like from blow dryers or flat irons), make dry hair soft again or unruly, frizzy hair more smooth.

Colouring and heat styling your hair causes damage. No matter how careful you are, everything you do affects your hair.

To keep your hair looking shiny and feeling healthy you need to treat your hair. I like to do something nice for my hair every week to make up for all that it goes through. My hair isn’t naturally pink, so I have to take extra care to maintain my mane.

Weekly in-shower treatments like Styleology will manage the stresses of normal styling but if, like me, your hair goes through a lot, you need to step it up.

That’s where salon treatments come in. These are like a facial for your hair, and some are almost as good as a facelift.

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